Nnebuchi O


Backend Engineer


Nnebuchi Osigbo is the Campus Outreach Director at Ignite Network . He is a Solution-driven software developer specialised in web technologies and blockchain technologies passionate at creating societal driven solutions. He is currently the CEO of Stormcell Int. Services. He runs a virtual mentorship program for upcoming software developers across Nigeria. His passion for seeing startups thrive in challenging economic situations led him to empower startups by enabling them own websites and web related solutions at affordable rate. Two of the startups that he empowered, Dconnies Farm and Phyllora were recently awarded in the just concluded Niger Delta Youths Employment Pathway (NDYEP). He also handles consultancy services for freelancers on web technologies. His expertise has led to his involvement in several projects such as Apek Power Pack and JAVAT 365, upcoming solutions provided by Apek Group.

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